Own Your Success!

It happens all the time, you find this really cool networking event but freeze up in conversation from intimidation. Or, you start a new class and during introductions, everyone around you seems to have it all figured out but you (hint hint, that was me). But how do you overcome that? The thing is, we … More Own Your Success!

It’s Finals Time!

Now that we start to say goodbye to November and say hello to December, it’s time to prepare for finals in school! Yay! So who’s ready for the late nights, coffee runs, and academic miracles performed by God?! I am! Because I’m ready to start my holiday break. So are you wondering how you can … More It’s Finals Time!

Going Digital: How I Started Using My Laptop As My Planner

I know this is kind of contradictory to what I preach but this year I started to give mobile/tablet/laptop organizing a try. I did not get to finalize my custom planner before the school year started and I was anxious to jot down notes. So, I turned to my trusted Google apps and explored them … More Going Digital: How I Started Using My Laptop As My Planner

Whimsical Moments

It’s amazing how small and whimsical moments in life can change your course. It seems that some of the most influential inspirational moments in my life have come from sporadic and unforeseen sources. I accept that I may be the only 21 year old in the world who changes her mind about her 10 year plan … More Whimsical Moments