Welcome to College!


We understand that college is no joke, but at the same time, it does not fully prepare it’s students for work after school! Not only do students have to worry about long readings, high-stakes exams, squeezing in sleep and a social life, but also preparing for work! In 2015, most employers said that they were UNDERWHELMED by the skillset offered from recent graduates looking to join their companies. That’s pretty sucky based on the financial investment in school right?

There are so many organizations that help students develop their professional and leadership skills outside of the classroom. Those include the student organizations, greek letter organizations, community service organizations, and more! Juggling these groups can make life more complicated and less enjoyable. So we created B Chic University!

B Chic University is an organization dedicated to helping college-age women develop their professional, personal, and artistic skills. We believe that support in these areas to help women become more well rounded will allow them to be better prepared for their future careers. By encompassing all of these key facets of life, B Chic will provide all the leadership training that women need to be better prepared for life!


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