The Best Newsletter Subscriptions

emailDon’t you hate when you open up your email and get instantly depressed from all the unread messages? If you’re like me and subscribe to just about anything mindlessly, it can become very easy to end up with a cluttered mailbox. I promise, I am trying to unsubscribe from the irrelevant accounts, but with some, you never know! I hang on to Keurig, Ugg, and AEO in case I want to splurge on a new item. Anyway, today I wanted to focus on a few e-newsletters that I am subscribed to that I rarely delete (even during “The Purge”). Look into them for yourself…they’re


The Skimm is the best overview email of yesterday’s news headlines. Presented in a fun and snarky way, they give you a synopsis of the daily “need-to-know” stories. This is my go to for Election Season updates, post-Nationwide media events (Oscars, Emmys, American Idol finale, etc.) and the awesome “Quotes of the Day”. There’s lots of product promotion/deals and links to full-length articles in relation to their stories. Lots of goodies here…



The Muse is the perfect site for all things professional. They offer information on tips for the office, career opportunities, and other professional skill development. I recently read an article about email (go figure) which really helped sharpen my skills for effective emailing that actually gets responses. This site is just a good resource to have when grappling with society’s biggest questions regarding office etiquette.



Pure Wow is the first Women’s Lifestyle blog I’ve found that has changed my life! Their fashion articles reinforce my knowing the latest trends, even if I can’t afford the clothing items. The finance articles have actual solid advice (something hard to come by). And their recipes are the perfect mixture of affordable and chic–encouraging me to think I’m a gourmet chef. Check this one out for sure.

Do you have a favorite email newsletter that I should add?


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