Preparing for an Interview: The Most Important Part

I’ve had a few interviews recently and I must say…it is nerve wrecking! There is definitely a side of the process that the employer does not see which affects your performance, and that’s the preparation.

What sparked me to write this blog was an experience I had a few weeks ago. I applied and interviewed for an internship that seemed very interesting, although it did not directly relate to my field of study.

I did very well on the first interview but when I got to the second one, it felt like I bombed it! I came off nice but I did not possess that “Wow, she’s the one” factor that you need to have among many applicants. Why did I underperform in the second round? I did not mentally prepare. After making really good points and proving myself at the first phone interview, I let my guard down. Throughout the interim week I should’ve been preparing myself even more to out perform the competition. Here are a few points to consider when preparing for your interview that I took for granted.

  1. Identify why you’re the right person for this position and be able to articulate your passion for the field you want to enter.
  2. Research the company and have a good understanding of their mission, projects, clients, etc. Gather as public publicly available information as possible.
  3. Rehearse introducing yourself and answering commonly asked questions.
  4. Prepare quality questions to ask the hiring team at the end of the interview.

Literally you should have pages of notes from preparation. These may not even be referenced during your interview but having done them and studying them will help you out. All the points listed above, I ALREADY KNEW and you probably do too; however, you have to do it.

I hope this helps someone to prepare for an interview that they are nervous about. The key is to understand who you are and how you fit with the prospective company. Share in the comments how you prepare for an interview. I want to know so I can step up my skills!


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