Why I Love my MacBook and Why You Need It Too!

Smooth Touch Workspace

I was finally fortunate to purchase my own MacBook in June with the prize money I won from the Business Plan Competition at Lewis University. This purchase was in the works for years and I honestly didn’t know when it would come to realization. At the beginning of my senior year of undergrad, I set a goal to purchase a MacBook Pro by August before I went to graduate school. This was out of the blue, I didn’t even have a savings plan for it or anything. But by the grace of God, I got it done two months early! I was a little nervous when I first got it because I was not living the MacBook dream but once I got everything downloaded and good to go, I was in heaven. Here are just a few reasons why I love my MacBook Pro.

It’s lightweight

This is a huge deal because my last laptop was so heavy, I hated the days I needed to absolutely carry it with me to class. It became my desktop computer, but that wasn’t it’s function and I was not happy. The 13″ MacBook Pro that I have is an acceptable weight for me to carry everyday to work and classes, and it’s still manageable with smaller textbooks. (Curse that Accounting book I have to carry on Tuesdays!)

Preprogrammed apps are super simple and sleek

I love to use Pages and Numbers on my MacBook Pro. I go to Pages for almost all my papers and Numbers for personal organization. Pages has become my go to software for word processing because of the simplicity of the formatting menu and the sleek templates/defaults. My papers look nothing like a document produced in Microsoft Word and I like that. I feel that all my assignments for class standout because of it. I also like Numbers because of the easy to use templates. Again, they are very simple and sleek. The budgeting templates are my favorite. Since I’ve been Going Digital for all my personal organization, Numbers has become a staple. I use it to outline my budget and create checklists.

Perfect performance for Adobe programs

Another reason I chose to get a MacBook Pro was for the performance reputation for Adobe programs. These are heavy computing programs and I wanted to make sure I had a laptop that was able to support these functions. So far I am satisfied, but I have nothing to compare it to since this is my first time using the Adobe Suite.

It syncs with my iPad

I’ve never been a huge Apple fan. However, I am well aware of the benefits of having devices within the same brand and I love the benefits, as outlined in my Tech Favs post, but I started to become inefficient once I began to mix brands between devices. I have a Google phone, Kindle, iPad, and at one time a Dell laptop. Not necessarily grounds for a seamless technology ecosystem. The only Apple product I ever owned was an iPod Touch in high school. When I won my iPad in March, I was welcomed back into the fold. When the MacBook came into the picture, I was introduced to the effectiveness of the technology ecosystem. I love the capabilities to sync documents and such between my devices. It is also a surprising plus that most of my Google products perform well on my MacBook.

I take notes on it all the time

I never understood how students took their notes on laptops in class. I felt that I learned best from physically writing the notes in order to internalize the information. After about three weeks of taken notes by hand, I decided to give the iPad/MacBook a chance. For some reason I fell in love. It was easier for me to keep up with teachers who race through PowerPoints, I can insert graphics from online instead of trying to recreate graphs on my own and I can search my notes for keywords when studying. Once I found the benefits of using a device, I was hooked.

Why You Need a MacBook

Unless you are engaged in an industry that requires specific specs (like my boyfriend who’s an engineering student and favors PCs) the MacBook should be greatly considered. The simplicity and user friendly interface makes the computer experience more enjoyable. Also, these bad boys last a long time. I have classmates holding on to their MacBooks from 4 years ago. Their only issue is battery life at most. (I’ll take that over the problems I had with my Dell). Although we might find our own reasons to fall in love with our MacBook, we can agree that it’s AWESOME.


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