Basic Fall Must Haves

Going to school in the Midwest all my life has taught me a few things, this weather is UNPREDICTABLE! I hate having to pack summer and winter clothes for the dorm in August because I’ll never know what season I am in. However, this season in particular, I found a few items that have become increasingly more important. Not just in regards to weather but as my living arrangements slightly change and I adjust to a new city and school, I am finding value in different items than before. Maybe for you too…

What Autumn really looks like
  1. Good walking shoes: As I spend more and more time on my feet, I am learning how important having a good pair of shoes help. I am not as young as I used to be (tehehe) and I am noticing that my feet get pains a lot faster. If you do mostly walking on your campus, have a good pair of Nikes and winter boots. Your feet will thank you in the end.
  2. Duster: this is just my favorite because it is a fashion trend. Before we switch over to “coat season”, I have been rocking my sweater duster that hangs down to the bottom of my calves. It’s so comfy and it keeps me at a comfortable inner temperature in super chilly buildings that haven’t caught the hint that summer is now OVER.
Bundle up like a boss!
  1. Backpack: No matter how old and important you think you get, the backpack is the most valuable bag you can carry around. It accommodates huge and annoying textbooks AND your laptop. LADIES: totes will not cut it, and they hurt your shoulders. Carry a backpack. You can find a cheap trendy one at Target or a little more chic version from Aldo. A little research, makes a happy customer.
  2. Google Keep: This has become my best friend. I have it on my phone’s home screen. I go to it instantly to write myself a note. Plus it gives me reminders on certain notes. Two words: PERSONAL ASSISTANT. #Awesome
  3. Calendar: For real, take advantage of your calendar. It is great to get an overview of what your days are like and to keep up with tedious, annoying little things like homework (haha), but really, it has helped me map out my travel for the semester and free time for fun activities.
  4. Alarm: I am becoming an old lady. There, I said it, I admitted to it. Now what? Use your alarm old lady! Graduate school has definitely gotten me prepared for the real world. Work at 9 am each day and sleep by 10 pm is my new ritual. However, I’m not that old so my body isn’t on a time clock yet. I have to faithfully set my alarm for 7 am. Yes, 7 AM! I’m still getting used to it but yes, my alarm clock loves me and I love it. We have that type of relationship.

These are just a few things that I find valuable this semester. Obviously, every semester has it’s own set of obstacles and these have become my first line of defensemen. What are yours? Share in the comments!! Oh yeah, and don’t forget to Be Chic =))

The Be Chic happy dance

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