My Little Black Notebook

My last blog post was about my experimentation with digital organization. Doing it all from my phone, laptop and tablet. However, parts of that system still were not effective for me. I found myself using my small leather bound notebook periodically for creating lists, jotting down quick ideas and writing reminders for the next time I worked on a particular project. I found that writing some things down still help me.

Although most of my reminders are on my phone, I may write something down and transfer it to my phone. I have come to the conclusion, that this is done to commit the idea to memory (for however much I can with my horrible memory) and think through how I’ll approach the task. A lot of times while writing one thing down, I remember to make note of another.

I have come to the conclusion that this whole writing/digital method is definitely a work in progress. There is much value in both sources and I look forward to finding more and more efficient ways of getting things done and sharing with you all. As of now I will share just a few tips for you to try until my next post!

  1. Use the most convenient method (based on the situation and time) to jot down your notes. At the end of the week, consolidate all that is still relevant into a centralized note taking place.
  2. Set aside time each morning to determine your main objectives. Sometimes taking time out to think plans through help without even having to make note of it somewhere.
  3. Check your email about 2-3 times throughout the day. I will only purposefully check my email at the start of my work day, after lunch and before I leave. That way, any additional to-do list items are given proper time to make note of and be allocated accordingly. Checking your email periodically will make you go insane, be overwhelmed and scatter brained.

Good luck and good night! See you next time.


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