Get A Customized Planner This Fall!!!

Some people forget to plan ahead for this but others always seem to remember. Regardless, everyone finds their way to a planner, notebook, journal or something that is used to organize your life for the year. Whether it be to keep up with projects, homework assignments or meal time, we all use something to stay organized. However, how do you know what you’re using is working for you? Does it fit your organization style? Are you working to fit your life to your planner instead of the other way around?

Believe it or not, our personality types have an influence on the way we stay organized, process information and set reminders. Are you easy going? You might prefer checklists. Are you detail oriented? You may need a categorical style planner. Are mass produced planners catered to the multiple personality types out there? Not at all, but if you had a customized planner made for you, things would be perfect!

That’s where I come in. I just completed my first customized work for my friend where I created a fitness journal. She told me what all she wanted, how she wanted, and what she needed it for. We were able to work together on her color scheme and finalizing the page layouts. I had lots of fun creating something special and unique for her. In return, she was thankful for the project. I want to share that with you! Whatever your project is: academic planner, project organizer, fitness journal, financial manager, etc. I can customize it for you!

I hope to help as many people as possible reach their organizational goals and this is the first step. Try out my services  this fall with an academic planner. Make this the best year ever with these organizational tools I’ll provide you with. If you’re interested at all, just email me and I’ll provide all the necessary details.

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BTS special


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